I was looking for a HD handycam for around $1000, and found this to be perfect HDR-CX100E : CAM Flash Memory Stick_original : CAM Camcorder_original : Sony Australia

I plan to use this for YouTubing and recording outtings or holidays.
I will be using video editing software extensively, with Sony Vegas and iMovie later on, thus if anyone has experience with the file type in which they export (.m3vt or something like that), could you tell me if it's easy to import or is it a hassle?

This RRP for this handycam is $1199AU ... but I found it for a mere $831.43 AU before tax and shipping... The website is also a little suss, but I do not have $1199 to spend, as this is my first ever handycam I'll be using and I need it BEFORE this month as I'll be going to an expo, I need to record!

Pictures of the product from the corny site ... I think they are situated in Hong Kong, so I'm even more skeptical, but I desperately need the major discount they offer.