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Thread: Electric Text help.

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    Default Electric Text help.

    I'm using Sony Vegas 8 Pro.

    I'm trying to create a text intro using these electric text tutorials:

    [video=youtube;17Goa4Uv_g8]"]First[/url], [url="[/video].

    I want to render the video at HDV 720-25P [1280 x 720 @ 25 FPS], but both of these tutorials are rendering the video at 720 X whatever it is. Both of the videos get me to a certain point where I have to edit the axis of the lightning effect, and to re-size it to fit the size of the video. The only problem is that I can't edit the width of the lightning. I can edit the length, but it won't let me edit the width to fit to 1280 X 720. I'm stuck until I figure that out.


    - Pete

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    I studied both Tutes, and the guys are using Track Motion to adjust the X:Y ratios. It is possible to "lock" either of these adjustments. First check to see if you have got any of them locked? This is a good feature if ever I need to constraint my adjustments to either the X or Y axis. You can see that one of them had a problem in constraining his adjustments to the vertical or rotation? If he had engaged the Y or NO Rotation lock this would not have happened. Vegas has a mass of valuable tools. It does take time to discover just what is possible - and then some!

    Also confirm you have the edit freely in 3-D space engaged/checked.

    Great tutorials, just wish the first chap spoke slower.

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    It wasn't the axis' that were locked, it was the aspect ratio. So, thank you for the help! You are a life saver.

    - Pete

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete's montreux View Post
    So, thank you for the help! You are a life saver.
    Nah! Just throw money at me! - You're very welcome.

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    Ok, now I have a new problem.

    I've created my electric text intro, but now when I import a video and add it to the project, It's incredibly dark and I can barely see anything at all.

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    Post a screen grab of your Timeline including the settings of the Track Header. Sounds like you have a compositing setting mixed in with your creativity! - Or you have gain lowered on your Video . .. need to see that Timeline - otherwise, I too am shooting in the "dark".

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    As requested, though I wasn't sure what you meant by track header.

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    1] What is it that is under the Cursor? Like Track4 and below? Nothing?

    2] What setting do you have in Track1 Track Header? I can see a "X" that indicates you have a compositing function live. What is it?

    3] However, my FIRST guess would be that you DON'T have anything under Track2 to react to - BUT you have an "X" on Track1? And AS this is the Track above Track2 you are asking Vegas to composite against something that aint there?

    Basically I am trying hard to understand your setup? Need more info. from you.

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    Track one has overlay, track two has source alpha. Is that what you mean? The fourth track is the lightning effect and nothing after that.

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    You've missed a set of instructions from the Tutorials. Go back to them and concentrate on the Track Header setups.

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