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    This is my first attempt at a "MTV" type music video (usually only do live stuff)

    The Band is The Absolute Belters

    The video was filmed in local a rehersal room out and about in Portsmouth woth a bit of live footage from a gig at the eastney cellars.

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    I understand the point that you want something to look live.
    But the final picture look dosent look that good. The edeting, speed, cut, choice of scene was really good.

    I think the weakness of this video in the lack of beauty shot and the lightning on the exterior and interior set-up ( looks like no lights at all for exterior ). you could have imrove it in post too. take a look at magic bulet or any color correcting software to improve the final look of the picture. Even of looks like live videoclip, you need to work hard on the final outcome picture color look.

    But the rest is good!
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    Sorry for my bad english im french

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    I thought it was pretty good. fast paced, edited well.. I was entertained.. Some of the shots seemed pretty dark like JMM mentioned.. But other then that I thought it was pretty good and well made

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Hi cheers for the feedback! It is good to get any response at all!

    Your right no lights for outdoor shots, my budget is stretched but I will get some kind of portable lighting soon.

    As for beauty shots, urban landscapes are as beautiful as rolling hills but in a different way! If you know what I mean.

    I wanted the dark shadowy look for the interior shots they look ok on a tv screen! I think tinternet makes stuff darker!!?


    Pete (deltafactorproductions)

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    Echo what's been said about the dark bits.
    No problem here with the urban imagery. I think there could have been more as a break from the band shots.
    It started really well, attention grabbing, fast cutting, mix of shots - but I guess the big problem here with music videos is where do you go from there? I'm sure I don't know

    For fans of the music it's no problem - they'll watch all the way through.
    You can go down the route of "live" playing, posturing, sexy dancing/posing/pouting (as per all girl videos) or acting.

    You've gone for a mix of playing and posturing - which is OK, but the viewer has no reason to keep watching.

    The sexy dancing etc is not really appropriate for "indie" type music.

    The final option is the only one which really gives you the opportunity to develop a story and hence keep the viewers attention with the promise of a payoff at the end. Take a look at Fingercuff's recent work . Sure it's full of the group posturing, but there's also a bit of a story going on and whether or not you like the music, you're inclined to stick around to see the outcome.

    Having said that, I enjoyed it and kept listening because I couldn't make my mind up whether I liked the song or not. It's really good to hear a riff based song again - of course it'll never be like the 60s and 70s cos those decades swallowed up all the good riffs that hadn't previously been used by the blues. I found the reggae beat/clash feel a bit derivitive of, well, the Clash and I wasn't too sure how well the various sections sat together. Nice to hear an "ordinary" rock guitar solo again as well.

    The highlight for me was the "parody" shot of the guitarist on the steps of wherever playing his solo. Seemed to me to be a really good nod to the big American outdoor shots of Richie Sambora/Slash standing on tops of mountains in the eighties. Nice one.

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    Hi cheers for the feedback I have watched one of fingercuffs videos and am impressed.

    I have no problems with the whole story concept some work really well. Problem is (and don't tell them I said this!) Most musicians don't have the foresight/creativity/time?? to be able to come up with a decent story line. And as I can't find anybody willing to pay even a fraction of what a full on music video should cost, I haven't the time to write one for them!

    I'm not a big fan of the MTV style music video format anyway as it is easy to make a really bad band look and sound really good. It tells you nothing about the band other than what they look like and what genre (is that the right word?) they fit into.

    Music is all about live performance! If you can't do it live, your not a proper band!


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    The "parody" shot is on the steps of portsmouth guildhall

    Portsmouth has tons of excellent locations that are a movie set waiting for a movie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deltafactorproductions View Post
    Music is all about live performance! If you can't do it live, your not a proper band!
    I used to think feel the same - especially being a(n ex semi-pro) musician myself. And I have some sympathy for the comment.

    However, your two comments are not related.

    Your second comment I agree with.

    The former is simply not true. Going through a bit of a mid life crisis a few years ago I found myself going to a few places (called discos in my day) where all this total crap sampled loops stuff was being played ("clubs" I believe they're called now) and do you know what? There is a place for this stuff and it IS music. I'll admit I can't understand why otherwise intelligent human beings will buy it to LISTEN to, but as something to create a vibe to dance to it can work really well.

    Additionally ...

    Composers often (usually) write music that they cannot play (and oftend were incapable of being played at the time on the instruments then available).

    It is quite possible to produce music which cannot be played live.

    But it took me until my early 40s to take my blinkers off and understand this.

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