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    Your FX were really good. Perhaps the blood was a tad too red. I've seen a fair bit of blood recently, mostly coming out of my veins in syringes and cannulas with nice professional nurses saying "you'll feel a little scratch...". And it all looks pretty dark.

    The movie on the whole wasn't bad.

    The rape scene was in my opinion too long, and somewhat gratuitous. The central character started off as in interesting tortured soul, for whom the watcher could at one level sympathize with, but that changed as it became clear that for all the haunting, he didn't actually give a toss. For me it would have been better to see the character slowly descend into madness, remorse, or whatever, driven by the ghosts of his victims. In the end, he just didn't seem to care. and subsequently, neither did I.

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    In contrast to M1M's view I quite liked the fact that despite the haunting, the main character simply didn't give a toss. He was totally oblivious to the effect his actions were having on others and didn't even attempt to justify (in real terms) his actions.
    Rape scene too long - agree. Gratuitous - not for me. Almost central to the plot the way he distances himself from his actions - almost feels obliged to do it rather than enjoying it.

    The weakest point was the sign off (before the titles and the epilogue bit). It sort of got lost and I had to rewind to hear it.

    FX were great. Don't worry about "too red". Sure it's not real, but then light rays out of people aren't exactly real either.
    Good film in my opinion.

    EDIT: Forgot to say - the highlight for me was the tracking shot at around 3:47. Very smooth. Track & dolly or Glidecam?
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    On the whole a good atmospheric film. Nicely shot with good special effects.
    The end for me was a little weak.

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