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Thread: Editing 100's of clips and breaking Rate Stretch Tool ?

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    Angry Editing 100's of clips and breaking Rate Stretch Tool ?


    This is the first time working on Premiere and I am loving CS4 with its quite professional features. I have a question though, I am working on my very first project and I am encountering problem after 15 days of usage with the Rate Stretch Tool. (RST)

    So far everything seemed good until some clips started breaking with the In/Out points. What is happening is some specific clips when "resized" using RST, instead of just resizing and keeping full length of the clip, it started shortening the clip time as well Keeping the current Rate of the clip.

    In other words behaving as when using the Selection Tool. I checked variations of Speed/Duration behaviour but the result is still the same. I even tried getting a new fresh clip from the original media but still the same results.

    I was expecting that the full length of the clip remains the same instead just the rate of Play changes, but thats not how it is.

    Is this something reported before or how to tackle this problem.



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    try right clicking it and then go to speed or duration (i can't remember of the top of my head) and then use this, wiht it you can scale it down to the frame.

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