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Thread: Mars Bar Downsize with a Difference

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    Default Mars Bar Downsize with a Difference

    A absolute classic chocolate has been given the chop due to the Mars company worried about portion size and obesity..

    First time I have ever seen a downsize actually advertised and touted as a health benefit, I bet in time these statements will come back to haunt them.

    I feel a video has a little more punch than a letter to the company.
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    wonder if they'll shrink the price accordingly

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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post

    wonder if they'll shrink the price accordingly
    You obviously didn't watch and listen. Now DO pay attention next time

    Nicely put again, Leo.

    Doesn't have the impact of the Cadbury's one (partly because it was only your voice and a few stills, but more significantly because Mars had advertised the fact) but nevertheless it's straight talking and hard hitting without being a rant.

    I think you work hard on your scripts to get everything in that you need and stripping out anything which can be condensed or is superfluous (unlike my posts). This effort really pays off. Many could learn from this.

    I'm not sure where you stand with copyright showing the newspaper articles or with attribution when your quotes (presumably) came from said articles rather than direct from the company spokesman's mouth. One would hope that this is fair use and such a concept exisits in Australian law.

    I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but it seems downloads of your vids are taking a lot longer than those of others. My imagination or is there a conspiricy going on here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    You obviously didn't watch and listen. Now DO pay attention next time


    seemingly, they are not reducing the price

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    I dont know what they do in the UK but here in the US they shrink them down.. Keep the same price.. Then they raise it back to the original size, raise the price and call it a new and bigger product.. Its all about makin more money and people dont think about it

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    Tim just on issues with youtube it was down for two days in Australia just after I uploaded this video, in fact the whole interface has been buggy for a time now, especially when you make comments on videos, they just vanish.

    I have had heaps of issues viewing videos derived from Brittan, so I could assume there are servers down within the matrix of youtube, the maintenance message was displayed all the period of the slowdown, there are only three tubers I know who I contact outside the youtube network one in the US, another in the UK and one where I live, between us we have found the youtube network is at best flaky more times than you would hope for; then again it's amazing it all holds together like it does.

    What is interesting I tried to pull off the newspaper clippings info as a URL link as Cadbury have set up about their downsize, Cadbury are very open on the FAQ area related to all the changes, every piece of info is there but Cadbury did not run a public information campaign via newspapers.

    Mars seemed to have the full page info in for one Sunday only,and nothing on their website, which seems a little weird to me, sure Mars were honest, but only for one day.
    I did read up on the history behind the Mars company and I have to say it's a impressive company, one thing I did not mention in the video is the Mars Bar is by far the most popular bar of it's sort in Australia, I try to keep the video as country neutral as possible on youtube.

    These videos would make for a great theme in a youtube channel, sort of 'consumer watch' as they draw heaps of comments and general interest, there are some great nasty comments as well, I like those as they spruke others to push their point of view, every comment raises the profile of a video.

    I am pretty sure I will not touch on this subject again, this Mars videos is really just a buddy to the Cadbury one as I have found videos work really well if they have good related videos attached to them, a bit like a video buddy system. They are really easy videos to punch out, thats a very rare thing for me.

    Thank you everyone for your interest and comments on these downsize videos.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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