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Thread: Clip starts with a photo flash - combine automatically?

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    Default Clip starts w/ a camera flash - combine automatically?

    Hi everyone. Just joined. I edit wedding videos with Studio12. Love it, but have a couple of problems.

    For "scene detection during video capture" I use "automatic based on video content". Problem is that it gives me a new clip every time there's a photographer's flash, which can add hundreds of unnecessary clips. So before I edit, I have to go through the whole video and combine all of the flashed clips - takes me an extra 30 - 45 minutes, and is a big drudge. But if I don't use any scene detection, then the whole thing is one big clip that I have to divide up, which takes even longer.

    Is there a function, plug in or down-loadable add-on that will automatically combine the flashed clips only? Is there another editing program that does this? Thanks in advance!
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