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    Hi I've just joined this forum and would love some feedback on the work I have done to date.

    Most of the videos were filmed with a canon XM1 and an XM2. Where possible I set a camera up to capuure a long shot of the stage, this captures the sound and gives me a cut away shot. The second camera I take as close to the performers as possible,I love to get in amongst musicians/perormers to give a feel of being onstage with the band!

    All the editing is done in premiere pro.

    YouTube - portsmouthsceneTV's Channel

    I have had a go at making a film too! This is a feature length movie shot over a 4 month period july-Oct 2007. The film was written by Sam Mason Bell a film and psychology student at a local college.

    Most of the actors are from the same college, Southdowns College Hampshire UK, three of the actors are lectures and staff members at southdowns! Thew rest of the cast are local band members and friends and family!

    The film features music by bands found on myspace.

    I was director of photography, editor, cgi artist ,sound etc etc.

    Chris Spurgeon wrote some station ident jingles for the "Flummox news network" and the music for "Curiosity Killed The Cat"


    YouTube - flummoxfilm's Channel


    Pete Scott
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    Hi Pete & welcome.
    If you want feedback on your films (rather than just mindless viewings on Youtube) I suggest you post your films ONE FILM PER THREAD in the User Videos section. And please, please comment on a few others' films in that section.

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    1 hour 25 minutes and 6 seconds, what site lets you upload videos that long?

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    google video

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