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Thread: Website of my maybe futur video compagny

  1. Default Website of my maybe futur video compagny

    Ok, sorry im not good in english at all.
    Me and a couple of friends are now looking to make a new compagny of video making. More focused on Vidéoclip, Short film, Pub, Sports film, Corporative.

    We will buy a basic fullHD camcorder whit a matbox kit and some decent accesories to build a small look-a-like film camera. We will go whit some 35mm adapters kit for now and buy a red epic in 2010. So we will be able to keep our film lens and all the matbox stuff and everything, execpt the 35mm adapter ... that will become uselesss.

    My friends will buy the cam 15000 budget, And i will buy the pc to make all the color correction, the final editing .... well the all the post-production. Budget of 8000. ( including hd maybe 2k external monitoring )

    This is gonna be our website, the footage from the preview is not from us since we dont have footage right now, I just took a sick ski film frame and put it as a exemple. But the point is ... was do you think about the website. We want a smooth style , like koodo mobile, virgin mobile, nothing too serious since we are not ... 35 years old.

    This is the first shot, what do you think, would you stay on a website like this ? Do you think it looks good ? It looks professional ?

    This is the preview, i made the all the design last week
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    Sorry for my bad english im french

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    Well I cant read anything.. but from the look of the layout it looks very professional..

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    It doesn't say video making company to me. It looks like a lot of other websites so you need to add something to it to make it stand out from all the other sites offering the same services. I know it's only a prototype and no doubt you will change it many times between now and the time you go live. What background research have you done into other companies offering the same services? Will you offer anything different? Have you worked out your costs? Who is you client base? How are you going to market yourself?

    Chapman get Mozilla Firefox and the small magnifying glass will appear, click on it and the image increases in size. And JMM you need to put a full size image on that link as it came up half size (not able to read it) on Mozilla Firefox.

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    I understood most of it, for example Myra film en ligne is Myra film on-line, pretty obviously. The text under it is just a version of lorum - random text used to fill a space temporarily.
    I'm surprised that it's entirely in French. Looking at the footer it seems that the outfit is based in Montreal. I thought that Canada was bilingual.
    I didn't see the point of the cardboard box as a background for the menu. When I built my film making website I used a clapper board for visual interest. Predicable maybe, but I like it.

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    Yea Montreal is a bilingual city, but everything is in french all the road sign and everything are only in french. People in the stores and restaurant serve in french. And its like this in all the Quebec ( big part of the canada ), so we can say the quebec is 100% french, and the rest of the canada is like 100% english. Even in Ottawa ... everything is in english.

    To live there you need to know how to talk in french and since we are not covering all the canada whit our service but only Montreal and others city near around.... building an english version would be useless since all our client will speak french.

    We are not aiming client like La fabrique d'images , i have worked on some of these set-up ... epic ... So since we gonna be a small compagny and at the begening working for friends to make a portefolio. I think we dont need to offer our website in english.

    For the carboard, i dont know ... i wanted to make a young and cool looking website. Nothing too '' Corporative '' but that will still look pro and clean whit a bit of trash ...

    Thanks for the comments, and lol at the lorem ispum ... its just ramdom text like qbyusqbsHJAA SHAJS.

    Can you post your website link, i would like to see it !
    Television Technician
    - My Videos -
    Sorry for my bad english im french

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