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    I've had a Sony HDR-SR1 for over 2 years. I've taken tons of movies and pictures and filled hard large drives. My job hasn't really given me much time for a hobby but the entire family looks to me to film every kids hockey, lacross, soccer game birthday etc.

    When I finally took a close look at some of my movies I was shocked to see what I will describe as horizontal interferance lines (2 of them) when I pan with the camera. For example when I am keeping the camera on a kid playing hocky as he skates by. This is giving me a sick feeling and I can't belive it has taken me two years to notice.

    Is this a problem inherrant with the HDR-SR1? Is there a fix ie a firmware download? (I can't find one). Does the camera need to be or can it even be repaired? I think I read somewhere that this is a problem inherrrant with the AVCHD format. I don't really buy that or why would we even have a format that was defective?
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