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Thread: what do yall think(youtube link posted)

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    Default what do yall think(youtube link posted)

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    this is .... nice depth of field work, the DOP must spend hours in making the set-up. I dont really know what to said.

    I think this is a real video maker community, this kind of video are not welcome. But this is my opinion.

    Nice autocam works.

    Sorry im bad but, this is not the right place to post thing like this, we are used to good video or at least some people who really try hard and spend the time to make some effort and learn something about videomaking.

    By the way, it was not funny ... at all.

    Edit : I just read she cheated on you , shame on you
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    I have to agree.. This video was just bad.. nuff said

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    Shouldn't you be in school?

    Watching it was a complete waste of time.

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