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Thread: Cropping a VHS Video

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    Default Cropping a VHS Video

    Hey here and just learning desktop editing. I have been copying VHS tapes to Mpeg and / or .avi files to put onto DVD later.

    I use Dazzel (DVC 170) to put the clips onto my computer. Some of the VHS tapes have what I call "tracking" static lines either at the top or at the bottom of the frames.

    I would like to be able to "crop out" these distractions. I have Studio 10 and Roxio Media Creator programs but can't seem to find any help there.

    I did try a shareware program called VidCrop Pro and didn't get the results I was expecting and the shareware also put the company logo on the finished clip.

    Anyone got any ideas for this novice?

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    If the lines are appearing at the very top and very bottom then you don't need to worry about them. The tv will not display those parts of the picture as you will get bits cut off when you make a dvd and play it back on a conventional tv. If you want to, you can add black borders at the top and bottom to cover the lines if you wanted to put the videos onto YouTube but I never bother.

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    After posting the question, I looked back through my programs and found one that I use ofter, Pro Show Gold. In it, one can put a video file on the storyboard and then edit it to where you actually "zoom" the video. I tried it and it did what I wanted to do. I think in my post, I used the term "crop the video"

    In a few other posts, others suggested using a free programs called VisiCrop and another called VidCrop Pro. I did download both these programs and they are free to use BUT the company's logo bounces around on your finished video. If someone knows where either can be downloaded without this restriction, I'd appreciate a link. But for others who saw these posts, the poster failed to mention the logo restriction.

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    I don't know if this editor will allow you to do what you want but there is no harm in trying. It is Avid Free DV 161 and can be downloaded from Avid Free DV - Download - Download you will also need a serial which is totally legit, just do a search for it. If you can't find it, I will have a look aswell as I have it on my other computer and will post it later on.

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    Thanks for the info. Iwill try the Avid. I'm not to smart about finding serial numbers so if you happen to run up on one I'd appreciate it. Also, I found a filter in Windows Movie Maker which allows you to brighten a video clip...only problem is that I have always had trouble with WMM crashing even with small files.

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    Video Editor (Freeware)

    Avid Free DV 1.6.1

    Slim downed version of the professional Video editing system Avid Express.

    Although Avid Xpress is a slimmed down version, it is a perfect video editing package which is also suitable for beginners, Avid Free DV offers 16 real time effects, title generator, compositing, data capturing and two audio and video tracks.

    Avid Free DV - Download - Download

    Win XP

    Serial Number: AvidFreeDV-31E3

    Authorization Code: AF7R-XJ5C-UC7K-552H-KE7Q

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