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Thread: Problems with LG Blu-ray drive, HDCP and ripping.

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    Default Problems with LG Blu-ray drive, HDCP and ripping.

    I create AV compositions using Video sampling, this involves ripping and re edditing sections of films and using them to create music and video compositions, up untill now I've always worked with plain dvd, but am currently trying to move to using Blu-ray films as my source footage, so far I've had two problems, perhaps some of you may be able to help give me some advice on.

    Firstly, This LG Blu-ray drive won't play Blu-ray discs on my PC, the Cyberlink software it comes with says that playback canot continue and sugests my monitors are not HDCP complient. (Does this really mean I need to spend again to get a DVI HDCP compliant monitor?) my current monitors are plain old non HDCP VGA 19".

    I uninstalled all the Cyberlink/Power dvd software and started looking in to way's to ripp and convert the Blu-ray discs (this is a common part of my work as an AV Artist) the most important thing being to preserve the quality - bit for bit ie the exact quality and resolution the blu-ray files are on the disc (AV compositions are projected over very large screens and need to be very large in size to accomodate) but I found Ripping and converting Blu-ray was far from straightfarward, I had some limited succes with DVDFab, it did rip a 20gig m2ts file (great) however it won't rip individual chapters (which would help for re editing) 20gig can take an hour or so just to load in to an editing app like Sony Vegas, and I found again Vegas also won't display the image, is this sony's HDCP kicking in again? Cirtainly none of the convertors I've tested will work propperly and the only one that does (ISkysoft) won't keep the original image resolution 1080x1920.

    Please offer any advice that you can, I'm getting very depressed about this, and having to outlay so much money on Blu-ray drives, movies, screens etc before I can even know if what I want to do is even possible is getting to me.

    Please let me know what your expieriences with HDPC are, and any Apps that you have found work well for ripping Blu-ray discs or any good conversion software you might use. Also what do you think my problem might be? is it all down to HDPC, is this why none of my ripping/conversion software will not work? Any dvd - Clone dvd - HandBrake, I've tried most of them now, to no avail.

    Regards Richie.

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    Hi Richie. It's against our terms of use to provide information to infringe on copyright, and this type of request is generally outside of our users scope of knowledge. However, an excellent source of information which should help you is I recommend that you post there for a more informed reply.

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    Hi, thanks for the link, I'll give them a shot, I'm sorry for breaking any forum rules, atittudes to this sort of thing tend to vary greatly from one forum to the next, please don't think of me as a "Pirate" my interests in Video Sampling are purly artistic.

    Perhaps a linkto some Video Sampling art might help you guys understand a little more about the sort of work that I do?

    Though I totally understand your point and I appreciate your still being helpfull.

    Regards Richie.

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