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Thread: Mars Bar Downsize 11% Advertised..!

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    Default Mars Bar Downsize 11% Advertised..!

    Just a weird up date to the crazy downsizing we are experiencing in Australia, some of you may know of the Cadbury Chocolate 20% Downsize video I made exposing a sneaky product downsize.

    This landed in todays papers, it's a downsize which is being fully advertised..!

    Mars Bar downsize.

    Advertised in all Sunday papers by full page ad's, the first time I have seen a downsize advertised in such a way, here is some of the spin including gems like this..

    "We want to make sure we sell our portions in the right size."

    THE Mars Bar, Australia's biggest-selling snack, is becoming 11 per cent smaller -- and it's all in the interests of our health, its maker says.

    The price, however, won't change.

    The Mars Bar has dropped in size from 60g to 53g, making it 11.6 per cent lighter, while 90 other chocolate products will also have their size reduced.

    Link to the full article.

    Mars Bar 11 per cent smaller; price doesn't change | Top stories |
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    Seems you're ahead of the game - the BBC did a feature on the One Show last night about this very subject...

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