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    hi I have a samsung hmx h105 ssd camcorder that i like except for a few things that maybe you can help it normal for the low light video to be so grainy? it looks like crap.also when i film in 1080p it plays back fine on tv with camera connected to tv but when i play on computer it is choppy,like one frame per computer is a 2.0 duel core processer with two gigs of ram.

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    My old computer was choppy. It was not as powerful as yours ie it was a Dell P4 with 756 megs of RAM. Very choppy. I bought a quad core and it works perfectly with 1 to 4 gigs of RAM

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    If it's grainy it means that your camera has a small cmos sensor, this is the part of the camera that "sees" everthing. The bigger the sensor, the better the picture, also the bigger it is the more light it can get in dark conditions. A house is going have more sunlight on it than a peice of paper.

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