Hello all,

I just purchased a JVC Everio GZ-HD320 camcorder and am having trouble with the imported video. My first problem is it doesnt have a firewire output so Im using the USB port. Once the video is imported, when viewing the video through the provided software its all jittery. When I bring the videos into Vegas, same thing, jittery video. I thought maybe it was my PC not being able to handle the HD video as this camcorder does full HD but I tried it on my laptop with the same results. It plays fine in the camera. I can only assume it has to due with the import process. Theres no (none that I have found) mini-a USB to firewire cable which is what I have on my video card and I dont have an HDMI input on my PC so Im forced to use the USB. The laptop has an HDMI input which Im going to try but I just dont know what else to do. Thanks in advance for the help.