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    Hey folks,

    I'm looking for some suggestions for software to make DVD movies from Premiere 6.5 footage (roughly 30-60 minute programmes). We were using Ulead's Movie Studio (I forget its exact name) that came with the burner but we were encountering a problem in the conversion process. It would crash at the 99% mark with an 'unknown error' message. We've tried using TMPGEnc Plus for the conversion but for some reason that won't accept the 6.5 footage (dv avi) as valid. Yet it accepts Pro footage (dv avi) fine. Using Pro to do the conversion isn't possible because it will tie up that one machine too much.

    Has anyone got some other suggestions/recommendations?


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    Try exporting from Premiere 6.5 as MPEG2 and let Premiere do the conversion rather than the DVD s/w.

    People will, no doubt, argue all day long which is th ebetter encoder, but if it works.... and it did for me.

    Import the resulting M2V and WAV files into your DVD authoring package of choice and work with them.

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    <smacks forehead>

    Thanks, mate.



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