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Thread: DCR-TRV900 and compatible LANC tripods

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    Default DCR-TRV900 and compatible LANC tripods

    Hi All,

    I recently got a DCR-TRV900 which is scheduled to arrive next week and need a tripod with a remote control on the grip with a panning head. I have a fairly tight budget - anything over 70/$110 is really off limits. I was going to buy the VCT-60AV - fluid head, remote, good reviews, it seems perfect. But it is a very recent model.. Can someone confirm whether or not the remote control function would work with this combination of old and new?

    I say to myself, its the same protocol so surely they must work, but then again, there is a big gap between the production of the two models.. I really dont know enough to be honest!


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    I can't believe a $100 tripod that includes a LANC is going to really cut it.

    I spent more than that on my standard tripod and fluid head and I think it's a cheap and bearly adaquate tripod.

    Most of the guys around here have tripods that cost almost as much as my camcoder!

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