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Thread: I shoot you! (Laser guns)

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    Arrow I shoot you! (Laser guns action short)

    Here's a very quick action sequence I put together with some footage I filmed yesterday of my mates and I trying out of Laser Challenge guns.

    I was shooting this footage to include in a longer comedy piece, but thought I had enough here to make a short on it's own.

    If I had realised I was going to do this I probably would have tried out more variety in the shots, but I think it works as it is.

    Opinions welcome.
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    Works pretty well in my book. I look forward to the full length film.

    the crash zooms,
    appropriate music,
    the wobbly camera (used appropriately for once, thak God)
    the way you managed continuity of direction - you (?)always firing right to left, others firing left to right so we always knew who was on which side despite lots of deliberately confusing fast cuts between different angles. Then you managed to swap this round but most importantly with continuity by using the roll on the ground to change the direction you were facing for the following shots. I'd like to know how much of this was planned and how much was decided in the edit.

    the first multi image sequence in which there were three shots of you doing not a lot (slowed the action right down in my book)
    the roll on the ground. Looked far too much like you're looking for a comfortable spot and then ever so delicately rolling, rather than a slo-mo of an action packed roll.

    The person walking the dog in the background

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    I honestly had no intention of making this! I'm making a comedy thing where the main character spends some time playing lasers with his mates (I have short pieces to camera interviews from the other two guys). But I got it home and thought 'hey this could turn out pretty cool'.

    If I did have 'action short' in mind I would have done things differently, added more shots of people jumping over logs and such. But oh well.

    So pretty much nothing was planned initially and I just did it in the edit, flop is a great tool!

    I was kinda fixed on the 4 way multiple screen bit during shooting however, but without 4 cameras I just had to repeat the motion and do my best to do it the same (I had to mess around with the speed of the clips in post to get it more in time). But the roll I really like, even though it looks a bit forced.

    For a 95% unplanned video, I don't think it's too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clay_9 View Post
    For a 95% unplanned video, I don't think it's too bad.
    Like many of the best things in life, good stuff sometimes just comes out of nowhere.

    Funny thing is, for a "not too bad", unplanned video, it beats the hell out of anything "action" we've seen here for a long time (Mike Thorpe's work excepted )

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    Yeah. On the whole, pretty good.

    The roll was as has already been said, a little lame (but, hey they pay people to do that don't they!)

    Icing on the cake for me, would be some roto'd laser beams, blasts and hits done in post.

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    I see you doing a Star Wars version shortly, time to get out the red and green laser beams and blast sounds.

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    I need to get my head around special effects if I'm gonna do that, not had any experience with it.

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