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Thread: Need help! using Sony MSW A2000P

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    Default Need help! using Sony MSW A2000P

    hello i got an issue here trying to get my MSW A2000P to do capturing of my Beta cam tapes. My tapes are PAL and my VTR supports PAL. however when i try to capture it to my PC, the images is full of grey noize and the picture keep jumping. When i try to capture using a DVD from a regular dvd player, the image i get is normal.

    any idea why is this happening? my team was saying it could be because we are using a crap capture card(Winfid) or it could be some settings because the signal is bad. We tried both SDI and analog but we still have the problem.

    We currently dont have a deck that reads miniDV so my team was thinking of getting a handicam to do the capturing. however as we have alot of miniDV like maybe few thousands of it so it will be on heavy usage. What Handicam is affortable and better for this purpose?

    Btw my company is focusing on doing video editing for youtube and etc so what kind of capture card is best and cheapest? we were thinking of getting a Matrox Rtx2(non-hd) and blackmagic

    The program we are planning to use Adobe premier CSpro 4

    Btw anyone know which format of video is best suit for Youtube? on their site they advise using Mpeg 2 - 3. I wonder if it is true.

    you can either post ur comment here or email me at
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