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Thread: Entire video renders, but can only burn DVD on first 3-1/2 minutes

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    Default Entire video renders, but can only burn DVD on first 3-1/2 minutes

    I have a 15 minute picture/music DVD I'm trying to make, I have about 15 minutes of content created so far, however when I try to burn a DVD, I see the rendering occur over the entire video, but when I go into DVD Architect, or just burn the DVD, I only get the first 3 minutes, 38 seconds of the video. It just stops there. It's happening at one of my transition points where new music starts, a fancy transition occurs, and I had a bookmark there. I removed the bookmark, the fancy transition, and I've tried to render with both bookmarks included and removed. Nothing seems to be getting me past this problem. I'm using Sony Vegas Platinum 9.0. I'm doing this for my daughter's Kindergarten graduation which is next tuesday, I'm panicked and desparate!! Any help or ideas?? Thanks!
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    Not good......

    OK try this for me.

    1] Render the WHOLE Video to an AVI first - get that done, then at least we KNOW we have a good well behaved file.

    2] Bring THIS back to the Timeline and then use THIS avi file to prepare the DVD.

    What happens?

    At the moment something in the process of the MPEG and/or the burning is not liking the burn.

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    Thanks Grazie, I will do this immediately after my workday. One clarification - I don't have to burn the DVD to see this problem, when I go right to DVD Architect, and I Preview the video there, the problem exists. Thank you for your reply. - Stressed out Dad.

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    More bad news. I rendered the AVI, which plays perfect through Windows Media Player. But when I pull this onto the Vegas timeline and click "Make Movie", the result, when previewed, fails in exactly the same spot!

    I'm a newbie at this - but for lack of other suggestions I'm going to see if ANY 15 minute movie creates this problem. Also, is there value in clipping out the "bad" section of the content and rebuilding that? Not sure if it's a global issue or specific to where it's failing. But I'll try it.

    Another question is wether I can burn a DVD from Windows Media Player? I see a burn option, but I'm not very good at this stuff yet, and not sure if this actually makes a DVD movie or if it just burns files to the DVD.

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    I have solved my problem, but owe it all to Grazie, thank you. It was in fact my original suspicion, the project Marker was the cause, along with my rendering selections. Why didn't I find it until now? I found out that, after rendering, when Vegas gives you the option to send the project to DVD Architect, it takes you there, but it DOESN'T open (in the Explorer window)with what you just rendered. I was beating my brains on this problem by moving my original rendering from May 24th to the DVD Architect timeline - ugghhhh! Of course, picking my most recent ac3 and mp3 files, it ran perfect.

    Thanks Grazie, being a new guy I've learned a lot here, I'll go tuck my tail between my legs and go away now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tklieber View Post
    Thanks Grazie, being a new guy I've learned a lot here, I'll go tuck my tail between my legs and go away now!
    Not at all. Thanks for responding so others can avoid the same trap. I bet you're not the first person to have been caught like that (I suspect many will have and just given up at that point).
    Most of the people who offer advice here use the Pro variant of Vegas which doesn't have the "send to DVDA" option so we wouldn't have guessed this "oddity in a million years, do it's doubly important that you posted your reply.

    Good luck with the graduation ceremony. I hope it goes down well after all this trouble.

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    Thank you again! This is an awesome forum, I can't wait to peruse it further for tidbits and tricks. I hesitated buying the Pro version being so new to this, and a significant price difference. I couldn't really tell from the online Sony website comparisons what made it so much more powerful (and 3-4x more costly). Would love to chat offline if this is not the right place for this discussion. The video turned out awesome, and of course I just HAD to end it with Alice Cooper's "Schools Out" !! The kids won't get it, but the parents will.

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