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Thread: Glamour Model acting funny

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    :O) hope you like this one

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    Bloody hell she's good.

    Nice choice of music. Excellent model. She really has a range of expressions and is an absolute star. I think I'm in love!

    I'm not a great fan of the lensbaby as it gets used far too often in situations where it's not warrented but, on this occasion, it fitted the theme well.

    Really cheered me up.
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    thanks Guru. yeah, it has its use, the lensbaby, I can totally see your point. I am actually getting tired of it.

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    i have absolutely no idea what a lensbaby is, but regardless, this video was awesome! i keep asking myself how you did that. but i'm guessing a lot of make up was involved, and creating the set, with good lighting also played a role. really great clip. and nice model too

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    thanks goonerman007. it was actually really easy to do. lensbabies are 35mm lenses where you can change the sweetspot, basically only the center is sharp, kind of, i believe, or google it. black background, arri lights indirect, she has pale skin, little contrast ajustment, speed change, although i am wondering now if thats too much...but really easy actually. essential, you do need a good model.

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    Very good, the model certainly can act out all the different expressions, reminds me of the old Charlie Chaplin movies. Watch the expressions on the actors faces in those old silent movies or from German Expression Films. The going in and out of focus certainly added to the manic and frantic behaviour.

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    thanks Nikosony. I just reposted a slower version, same link. the vimeo conversion drops too many frames, looked too dizzy....let me know what you guys think of the new version...

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    I preferred the quicker (first) version. The occasional dropped frame actually added to the impresssion that it was based on the old B/W silents. I didn't realise that frames were being dropped by Vimeo, I assumed that you'd done it in the edit!

    Just my 'pinion.

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    ok, thanks guru, I still have it. I did speed it up in the edit and the first version (on vimeo) was very close to what I had - just kept getting many dizzy comments. thanks for checking it out. might re-post the old version again, dunno

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