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Thread: ulead video studio 8 crashes when preview or converting

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    Default ulead video studio 8 crashes when preview or converting

    I've just spent nearly a year making my very own movie. Its 1 hour 35 minutes long and currently in avi format.

    Whilst creating this I found that I could not run the preview option in Video Studio or after a few minutes of watching the preview the PC would just power off. So I've managed to get by only previewing short sections at a time. However, now I've come to burn the project to DVD when it starts the encrypting process (I've had to lower to 'fair quality' to fit it on the disk) it gets about 5-8% into the encryption and the PC shuts down.

    I've removed some of my cards as a test (firewire and PC capture) and reseated the memory. Tried again, same problem. Tried the outtakes avi file instead (also 1 hour 30) - same problem.

    PC is custom built, ASUS A7N8X-X motherboard, Athlon XP2600 processor, 1.5GB memory, 2 x 120 GB 7200rpm hdds.

    I upgraded Video Studio to version 8 - problem remained. Originally when I first installed VS 7 I could preview and encrypt and burn with no problems.

    Going to try encoding with TMPGPENC as a trial and burning with Nero next to see if problem continues.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received as Im not sure whether its a hardware or software problem - its VERY annoying though!

    Copied my master version of film to DV tape just in case PC goes up in smoke.

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    Default update to last post

    Tried it with TMPGENC and same thing happens. Only got about 5% completed encrypting to MPEG2.

    CPU temperature 50degrees C and threshold is 72 so don't think its that.

    Nothing in the event log recording any errors either. Aaagh!

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    Perhaps the disc is getting full?
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    No - there is PLENTY of hard disk space! I checked before I started the process that I had at least enough space to make another copy of the avi file uncompressed. Currently about 37GB free

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    I am not sure that this is the answer, as both methods of file creation are failing, but hey its worth a go. In Ulead Video Studio check the following,

    1. From the File menu click Preferences

    2. Click the Preview Tab

    3. Uncheck the Limit hard disk usage to checkbox

    4. Click OK

    5. Good luck

    If the Limit Hard disk usage checkbox is checked then the video creation process will terminate when this amount of disk space is reached. In addition it would be helpful if you could post any specific error messages. Otherwise I would recommend posting your query at as well as applying the latest patches for Video Studio from the same site (at least one of these refers to fixing Preview Problems).
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