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    Firstly I would like to apologise if I have the wrong forum.My problem is that I am transferring VHS to DVD using Ulead VideoStudio SE but with every tape I have tried the transfer gets to 82.8mb then I get a sign that says unexpected error unexpected error unspecified error.I click ok then have to restart capture (the video tape is still running during this).I now have 6 blocks each of 82.8mb but have missed some small portion whilst it was not capturing.Would be grateful for any suggestions

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    Try downloading a Scenalyzer trial to capture with. Always found that to be much harder to 'upset' than Ulead's capture programme.
    Scenalyzer LIVE home page
    Very cheap to buy if it works for you. Be aware though that for VHS capture, it's best to turn off scene detection in options. (Don't trust 'optical' scene detection either!)
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