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Thread: HD to lower res workflow

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    Default HD to lower res workflow


    I'm going to buy an HD camera for an upcoming trip and a desktop system at home that can handle AVHCD editing.

    However on the road I want to be able to edit lower res videos for upload to the web. So my query is this: is it possible to import HD files as lower res files such H.264 and edit in Vegas or another program?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Not as such.
    3 options spring to mind.
    Import into Vegas as AVCHD. Edit then render as lower quality (much more intesive)
    Import int0 Vegas as AVCHD. Render as avi. Re-import files for editing & rendering as H.264
    Use another program (eg Super C) to convert to avi (or something else), import into Vega, render as H.264.

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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your reply. There seem to be a couple of workarounds. and I probably didn't explain myself well. When looking at all this avchd stuff I couldn't work out why there was no common proxy editing system anywhere - import at lower res working copy - and then export at full res, exactly as I would have done with Betacam in Avid a few years ago. But I found a couple of useful threads.

    This one for a Vegas work round: Painless AVCHD editing idea on low peformance PC

    And this one:

    It seems like ulead is the only one that offers any simple in built proxy workaround and then outputs to various formats. I've no problem with longer import/export rendering times if it means I can spend more on a decent desktop, and more importantly more on better cameras and peripherals. It also means I can carry a lightweight laptop around with me (in theory) rather than something bulky but powerful. Portable for me means deserts, arctic tundra and that sort of thing rather than out of a car.

    I've called several companies, checked several sales websites and all seem to prefer pushing users down the buy the most expensive machine you can route. But after a chat with a head of production friend of mine who has multiple shoots running across several formats, RED, avchd, HDV etc she woke me up to the old school idea of being able to edit your material freely in a lower res working copy.

    As I understand you can do something similar proxy wise with Final Cut, not 100% on that, but why this isn't more common is beyond me.

    I'll let you know what results I have with a proxy editing on the hoof. Thanks again.

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