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    We received the proofs,from our wedding the other day. In one year I will receive the negatives. For printing purposes, will I get a better image from scanning from the negative, scanning from the developed proof or bringing the negative to a photo shop. Is there an order of quality here and how much of a difference from one source to another.

    Thanks, happily married,

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    I'd assume taking it to a professional photography shop woiuld be best, as they'd have high quality (and no doubt expensive!) machinery to do this sort of stuff with, rather than a home/office based flatbed.

    If you were to go for quality, i'd recommend the photo shop.

    Oh, and congratulations

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    Photography isn't really my thang, but it certainly works out very expensive to create copies on a PC given the price of the materials. Additinally, you'd have to scan the pictures in at a hefty res to get a good quality print (and as soon as you compress, you'll start to lose quality which will deteriate with each and every compression).

    I's say getting them professionally done is the most cost effective and (like der) professional. Providing you scan in at a high res and print on good quality stock, you'll get a good result... but it won't exactly be cheap.

    I think millsy is into a bit of photography.

    One more point - did you sign any kind of form with the wedding photographer? You probably agreed not to scan them in.
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