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Thread: vegas 8 audio problems

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    Default vegas 8 audio problems

    Searched and couldn't find anything. I record gameplay from my tv with a dazzle and pinnacle studio 12. I use vegas 8 to render footage and upload to youtube. After I render with vegas though, and upload to youtube, the audio is messed up. It is either out of sync by a few seconds, no audio at all, or a static sound. I would like to keep rendering with vegas for the video quality which is great. I'm positive it's vegas because I used to upload straight from pinnacle and this would never happen. Help? Thanks. Maybe uninstalling would work?

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    does the rendered footage play OK on your PC? if so then Youtube is the problem, try (posh youtube)

    I have not heard of audio doing any of the above on V8, if the audio is out have you checked the footage from dazzle? if it is out you can separate Audio from the video in V8 and re-sync.

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    I know youtube makes quality for everything worse. Other people that use same settings/recording devices video's are fine. I would rather use youtube since it is easier to use and has a bigger community.

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    What settings are you using to render in Vegas for the web?

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