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    Default Input on Adobe Premiere Elements

    *Sorry for posting this in more than one place*


    I am a "mom" video editor. I have old videos from my analog camera as well as new videos on my digital camera that I'd like to edit and transfer to DVD to be able to store and watch.

    I was using Pinnacle Studio 9 (I think) which was recommended to me and it was easy to use. However I was using it with a crappy computer so it would take forever, would freeze, etc. I got a new computer and was excited to start again and found out that the Pinnacle Studio I have doesn't work with Vista.

    So now years later I'm looking for a suggestion again on a video editing software that I can use. I'm not technical or anything so software that's good and easy to use would be great.

    It looks to me like the Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements or maybe Vegas (although it looks to be more "pro" than I'd like) may be the way to go.

    There seems to be more "traffic" on this forum than Pinnacle. Is it a better program? Any help to decide between them would be helpful.

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Don't purchase Pinnacle it's as bad now as it was a few years ago. If all you want to do is copy your old analogue tapes to dvd then borrow or purchase a home dvd recorder and a pile of blank dvd discs. Connect your camcorder/vhs deck to the dvd recorder using either composite leads or if you have used S-VHS or Hi8 tapes use the S-video connector lead instead to get a higher quality picture.

    Back to the software, download a 30 day trial of the software programs you listed and try them out on your computer to see which ones work and which one you like. Everyone has their own particular favourite and it is a matter of trying them out and maybe doing a small project and see how the software and your computer perform.

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    Thanks. Appreciate the advice.

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