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Thread: A Hot Day in May

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    Just a little short of a guys morning on a hot day in May, any feedback would be great, thanks!

    [ame=""]Hot Day in May on Vimeo[/ame]

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    I didnt really love the piano, it was great the first 10-20 sec but for the whole video ....
    I know its probably a part of the concept but i didnt really like that.

    For a hot day i would put the primary post color to Orange - red instead of the soft blue looking.

    Its really not a bad video, the idea and the shot were nice and smooth. The cutting betwen the scene was smooth and clean.
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    a very nice idea, and video. i especially like the first part with the fan, that was simply awesome!

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    I didn't get a sense of it being that hot, the blue/green cast sort of defeated the message you were trying to get across. It would have looked better if it had been 'warmed' up, more orange needs to be added. Heat rising from a car, melting tarmac, a thermometer, people eating ice cream, insects on flowers would convey this idea much better.

    The exposure is way off with large dark areas and burnt out highlights, set the exposure for one or the other. Good shot of the fan at the start but again too many dark scenes, also the scene with (you?) sitting with your back to the window, we have no idea who that is.

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    after seeing the opening I got excited.. but it soon faded to disapointment.. Im not saying it was bad.. It just wasn't entertaining to me.. I found it rather slow paced..

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    Experimental. Am I right?

    Surely this was a deliberate attempt to show images associated with "hot" with a "cold" colour caste. An interesting experiment, which, I think you have conclusively proved, doesn't work (and consequently may have saved me from wasting time trying that)

    One or two excellent shots (the opening in particular, but also the hand opening the can) mixed in with some dreadful shots (presumably also experimental) which managed to be both over exposed and too dark at the same time - all this without appearing to be high contrast.

    The music - hmmm. Two reactions from me.

    1. Whilst "honky tonk" has its place, after 30 secs I was screaming "Get a ****ing piano tuner"

    2. If the composer can reproduce the same piece a week later without having heard it then I'll accept it's composed and is music. Otherwise it's no more than it sounds - some random notes played by someone who actually can play (it's very difficult if you can play an instrument to play truly random notes in the manner of ,say, an unmusical child or an animal)

    Didn't add anything to the film.

    However, as an experimental piece, it served its purposed and has potentially saved me time in the future. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW if this is an experimental arty piece that you're pleased with, that's fine too as I'm sure you don't expect everyone to get your vibe.


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