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    Me and some friends at school have made a Powerade Commercial for a schoolproject. I use Sony Vegas 9 Pro to edit it with. I've tried a lot of different options and rendering formats, but haven't found one I really like yet. Tomorrow we are going to show it off to our class and we have to give the teacher a CD/DVD with it on. The camera we have used is a Canon HF10 Full HD camera (the movies get saved in the format .mts). Okay, so I imported it into Vegas edited it and used the following properties "PAL Standard / IMX Widescreen (720x576; 25,000 fps)" I thought that would be best since I live in Europe. Then I clicked Render As and rendered it as an AVI file with the template "Uncompressed". The movie is 3 minutes long with lots of auido so it took 5-7 minutes to render. The AVI file I got was 8 gig! :O The picture was very good, very good sound, and the slow-motion effects worked out well. But since it was way too big I rendered it with the template PAL DV Widescreen. Now it became only 730mb, the picture was good, sound was good but the slow-motion effects didn't work out. And since I wanted to upload it to youtube I rendered it again, but now as an .mpg file (MPEG-1), and it became 30mb. Here is the upload: [ame=""]YouTube - Parkour Powerade Commercial[/ame]
    Even though it's a black letterbox around the movie, the picture and sound is okay for Youtube. I also tried rendering the movie as a MPEG-2 file, with the PAL Widescreen option, but again, the slow-motion didn't work out (it wont become slow-motion, just laggy). So the problem is I have to find a format (like AVI) that I can put on a CD/DVD, give to my teacher so she can play it with like Windows Mediaplayer. In HD the movie wont start or just is unwatchable, dont know why. In PAL MPEG-1 it works, but I want better quality (since it is going to be played at a big projector). Uncompressed AVI is to big, and compressed AVI the slow-motion wont work.

    I'm really thankful for all help


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    Suggest you set your project properties to PAL DV Widescreen and render as an avi using the PAL DV Widescreen template.

    Alternatively render an MPEG-2 and create a video DVD.

    I don't think you'll be using IMX The IMX Format

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    Bloody kids - look you dont render to what you ' like ' - you redner to what is correct.

    If your original is dv or worse render a best version to DV.

    For dvd creation render a compliant mpeg.

    For webcasting and you tube upload there perhaps are personal pecadilloes. I use 720p 3mbit - this triggers so called HD option on the tube.

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