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Thread: Playback aspect on mpg files

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    Default Playback aspect on mpg files

    I am very new to this and have just bought a Canon FS200, mainly becuase of the size and general quality of Canon products. I want to use it when my brother and I go on our annual trip to Le Mans in June .
    Although the FS200 works fine and playbacks on the camcorder, telly and Imagemixer software, it does not on Media Player or Real Player. The video appears tall and squashed on the PC using these products . As I will want to give a copy to my brother and he will not have imagemixer or the camcorder I am worried the output will be second rate. Am I doing something wrong? and is there something I can do to fix it?
    Also I have tried to use Studio 8 and Windows video maker and both fall over when trying to load the mpg files transferred from the FS200, any idea why
    Thanks in advance for any help
    Chris R

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    Windows Media Player doesn't know about pixel aspect ratio I think. It treats pixels as square, whereas PAL widescreen uses a 1.44 x 1 pixel dimension. (I think, from memory)

    You might have more luck with the Quicktime player, I seem to remember it handles this stuff better.

    Your stuf will look right if shown on a widescreen TV. If you want to have it for web distribution, you need your editor project set up to output a square pixel aspect ratio preserving the 16:9 SCREEN aspect ratio -

    I know it's all so confusing the Screen and pixel aspect ratio stuff.

    Still catches me out sometimes

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    Try this with Windows Media Player.

    1/ Open the video in WMP.

    2/ You may need to press the ALT button to bring up the menu if it isn't already visible.

    3/ When it appears, goto to VIEW->VIDEO SIZE-> and you will see Fit Video To Player on Resize and Fit Player to Video on Start, if the first one is ticked and you are getting a stretchy video then tick the second choice and see if that alters the way the video looks.

    4/ If it doesn't change the look automatically, then close WMP and restart it again.

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    Thanks for the advice, I have found that you need to export the files from the canon software, does it quite quickly into PC, Ipod or Web this then works fine with Real and WMP but not quicktime
    Thanks again

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