I would like to hear your idea's for making some 5-10 minute films to build up my showreel very quickley.

I may have an opportunity to work in our media department, but the type of films I used to make were the "Adult" variety!! and I dont think they would help my application for the job.

I have put together a 10 minute tour of my city, with the help of my 6 year old daughter "A childs eye view of my city" . I have also made a montage of old home movie stuff set to music to make it look like a music video.

I only have a camcorder and tripod for equipment, so I am just looking for idea's that i can shot in a 1-2 days and edit with Premiere Pro CS3. I have a HND in Multi-Media that i gained 8 years ago, and I am now depserate to get back into media.

I hope this does not come across as lazy. I do have other projects on the go, but i was hoping that I may get a few more insperational idea's from you guys to give me the edge!

I think what i am really looking to do is to show that I can EDIT, I can USE PREMIERE PRO, I can MIX SOUND, I can MAKE TITLES etc etc.

I'm looking to show that I can use software, not neccessarily shoot the film.

Many thanks for you help and a great forum.