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    Default downhill new south wales

    hey guys. from the AUS.

    this is just a lil teaser or some of my videos compiled together for my upcoming year long project titled, between mountain and sea, due to the fact that the area i come from is between mountain and sea. go figure

    anyway. if you guys take interests to this vid, you can look at the rest of the full ones on my vimeo or i can just post em up on here


    [ame=]between mountain and sea preview on Vimeo[/ame]

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    As far bike videos go its was good.. The shots and angles varried.. The problem for me is that its not really much diffrent then all the other 100's of bike videos.. You need a story, a hook.. to make it diffrent.. Give the viewer a reason to watch your video rather then someone elses

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    enjoyed that as a teaser, will have a look at your vimeo stuff.

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