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    I recently bought an NEC ND3500A dual layer DVD burner. I thought it would be smart to put it in an external Firewire case, so I could swap it from PC to Mac. However, on the PC, WinXP only recognises it as "Generic 1394 USB Combo IEEE 1394 SBP2 Device". This may be OK (haven't really put it through its paces yet), but I'm concerned that I won't get the full benefits without the specific driver. It was an OEM version. didn't come with any driver software, just Nero 6 OEM Suite. Any suggestions? Do I need to install it internally to get Windows to load the correct driver?

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    Best thing to do is try it out and see what happens

    One thing I will mention though, is tha tif you're planing to write DVDs with Nero, and you're reunning WinXP Service Pack 2, you'll need to make sure your version of nero is patched, because earlier versions of it won't write some DVDs properly.

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    I don't ever remember needing drivers for a CD/DVD burner/drive. Isn't it the firmware that gives it the necesary whodyamaflips and the rest is just generic?

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    OK, thanks for the tips.

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