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Thread: NEED HELP! Changing recording format from NTSC to PAL SONY HDD-XR520V

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    Question NEED HELP! Changing recording format from NTSC to PAL SONY HDD-XR520V

    Hello all,

    I've just bought myself a shiny new Sony HDD-XR520V and I've had no problems learning how to use it so far but... the other day a recorded somthing and went to download it to my PC for the first time, I did this and then went to convert it to a AVCHD HD creation using PMB software (issued by Sony).

    The trouble is that I get an error message saying

    "Some media files do not match the video format (PAL) selected in the settings window.
    The 1080/60i video format is used in NTSC regions (United states and Japan). the 1080/50i video format is used primarily in PAL regions (Europe and China).
    The media files not in the selected format will not be written to disc.

    Note: The video format can be changed by clicking the settings button in the AVCHD HD creation window."

    I have gone into the settings button on the creation window and my option is to change it to NTSC however I do not wish to do that as I live in the UK so I need PAL.

    I've tried looking on the camcorder to change the recording format to 1080/50i but I cannot see how to do this and I deffinately cannot find an option for it to be done.

    Could I change it once recorded and downloaded through PMB? or does it have to be changed on the camcorder?

    Please could someone help me, it's driving me crazy and i'm pulling my hair out. I'm off to OZ in December and would like to have resloved it by then or else I'll have no hair left.
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    My advice - get a different camera.

    AVCHD is probalms all the way - go back to the shop and get a cmaera that takes tapes - they are always better.
    AVCHD is a nightmare to edit - slow and clunky.

    Not a problem if you dont want to edit stuff - and many people dont.

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    you could always just edit using the ntsc preset and then later on convert the video to pal.

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