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    For my Calculus final, our class was assigned a video project. So we got together and came up with some really general ideas just so that we would have something to turn in. It was supposed to have to with calculus (which it kinda does) but it kind of turned into more of a how to deal with the teacher. Anyway, enough of this off topic business, I absolutely loved editing it and whatnot. I "picked up" Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects and had a blast with the movie and learning the programs. The only hardware we had available was the one camera that our school owns so it's not really that high quality footage, but meh. I'm sure this video is far more amusing if you know us and/or our teacher but I think it's entertaining enough anyway.

    Anyway, let me know what you think

    One other thing, the camerawork is not my doing, I was too busy being in the video. See if you can guess!
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    Quote Originally Posted by trog91 View Post
    For my Calculus final, our class was assigned a video project.
    Is it just me being old fashioned or does anyone else find this statement surreal?

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    LOL! its like having to run a mile for autoshop..

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