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    hi mark
    i appreciate your taking the time out to answer questions from newbies like us, and im sure everyone feels the same way.

    my problem is like those that other people posted here already, although i still cant seem to solve it. i have a celeron 2.5 gig, 512 memory, nvidia 64 meg video card, firewire, etc. BUT i still cant seem to get the right capture quality from my digital8 cam. my captures seem to have less color, fuzzier quality, and generally compare poorly to the original video. ive tried some of the suggestions youve made, like deinterlace. but dvd movies played on my pc still have MUCH better quality than my dv captures. is it a firewire card problem {arent they all the same?] or is it a software problem [ive tried pinnacle, mydvd, ulead, roxio, and they all look the same]

    sorry if this message is kinda long, im hoping you can help me.

    thanks marc, and cheers!

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    is that you viewing them on the pc? could be a shoddy dv codec you have installed.

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    i had the same problem, too. supposedly with firewire, quality is perfect, but it doesnt look that way for me.

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    I have a pinnacle DV card. are there drivers for this one? cause pinnacle charges allmost everything that's there product :[ couldn't find drivers on site, only upgrades that cost.

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