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Thread: BF2 Helicopter Skydive Loopings

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    Default BF2 Helicopter Skydive Loopings

    1 man helicopter skydive loopings
    Song : Velvet Revolver - Set Me Free
    Pilot : Cors0

    I post this for the people that never seen this video

    All Stunts in this video are 100% original!

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    nice one! i used to be a pro stunt pilot in the huey's and start doing all sorts of stunts and would always end up with no passengers by the time i got to the mainland..apparently they would prefer to swim then to have fun :P

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    thanks i im now playing arma 2 ,but i have more stunt videos of bf2 helicoter , watch iff you are bored

    YouTube - Kanaal van cors0

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    Bring back the good old days of BF2!
    GFX is poo compaired to todays... but gameplay is still second to none!

    Nice vid mate

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    Thank you , BF2 is a great game ,i stopped playing after i uploaded this BF2 Helicopter Skydive Special video ,i think i did it all in the helicopter and i wass getting very addicted to play every day. im now playing BFBC 2 on ps3 with beamer screen 2,5 m -to 2m awsome ,very vey awesome to play on a big screen.

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