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Thread: Quick render help..

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    Exclamation Quick render help..


    Its more like a request if someone would be willing to do a small 10 second ae clip render. Reason I am asking here I could have posted in the job section but my country doesnt allow an easy payout method.

    My cousin owns a quad core with 2GB ddr and 900 series latest gfx card but that is also giving me memory issues during render.

    The clip is proprietary so I am really needing a favour here. If someone can do a render then please post here and I would really appreciate it.

    Only senior posters.

    Thank you.

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    Wait...What do you want?

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    Hi.. I have an AE file that requires rendering. I was hoping someone can do as my machine cannot.


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    Just out of interest, how exactly are you going to be able to do this? wouldn't someone need to be local to you? You could try emailing the project5 to someone along with any media assets but i'm not sure if that will work very well or not.

    Anyway have you tried rendering on your own machine? do you get error messages or something?

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    Thank you for your response. I am looking for someone who is free enough to do a 10-15 minute rendering, if Yes then I can send the source files by email.

    Whenever I try rendering I get error like "system required 8375kb of memory but available memory is 8192kb" similar messages with small differences, another error popups related to render unable to support "shadow" most likely my graphic card is outdated.

    I have 2GB ram on my laptop but it always halts some place during the render.


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