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    Default The Fiver(2009): Short Comedy Film

    Hi guys

    Here's a short comedy film where we try our hand at improvisation. Enjoy

    Synopsis: A film following two men and their indepth investigation into the mysterious fiver on the floor.

    Written by and Starring: Callum Thomson and Anthony Richardson
    Filmed by: Patrick Shelton and Robert Martindale

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    Enjoyed the punch line - juvenile though it was. The rest was poor.

    Opening scene - no effort made to light the subject.
    Similar problems for the bulk of the shots of the two of you looking down at the fiver. <ake sure your subject is exposed enough - even if this means overexposing the background.

    Bad coninuity with the fiver. We see the body first with his left hand palm up - then we see it palm down on the fiver.
    The jump from the two of you facing left to the view of you facing right (and back again) needs a cut away in between. The line of action is between the nearest person to the camera and what they're looking at. Without a cutaway or a neutral shot (head on) you're crossing the line.

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