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Thread: VHS&HI8 when/how to improve quality/ehnance -i.e. reduce noise, brighten?

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    Default VHS&HI8 when/how to improve quality/ehnance -i.e. reduce noise, brighten?

    I have 22 year-old VHS to capture (and less old Hi. Where in the workflow (and with what tools) do you best get to improve/enhance the noise or lighten the video and maybe even out the sound? Is it with the capture conversion software, or with video editing software that you can actually improve the video -- not just lets you clip, rearrange, etc. I've been looking at Vegas and Pinnacle -- but can't find out what, if any 'enhancement' features are available. Please help!!! (Really would like to avoid the "Pro" prices -- stuff in the the $400 up range unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary to get these enhancement capabilities)
    Thanks so much for your help!!!

    P.S. Also, is there a site that explains the different file compression types and when they are used? (I have a technical knowledge of photo file types, etc. Also, when you capture the video is it in 'uncompressed' format (similar to RAW in a photograph)???? Or is it also 'compressed' to some point.


    Just realized I was in the hardware forum -- should I repost this in the software forum? How would I move it?

    Thanks (my first post and I have very limited experience with forumn
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