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Thread: VCR to computer: Port/Cable problem

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    Default VCR to computer: Port/Cable problem

    Hi ladies and gents. I'm a bit of a novice so please bear with me.

    Okay, basically, I want to be able to copy footage from old VHS tapes via my VHS player to my PC. The only problem is, I dont know what ports or cables to use. I have an S-Video port and an Ant In port on the back of my computer whilst on my VCR, all I have is an RF Out and a SCART plug port. Can anyone please advise me as to how I connect the two together? Should just mention that I was supplied with an S-Video lead but it wont fit into any of the video ports.

    And this may sound like a silly question, but will I see the VHS footage on my computer screen when I've finally got it all connected properly?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    I've got a similar set-up I think,
    I connect my scart socket on my VCR to the S-Video port and the line-in jack socket on my PCI TV-card on my computer.

    I use a normal scart to S-video & stereo AV leads which you can get from Maplins or any high-street electronics shop.

    When you connect it all up and hit play on the VCR you won't automatically see the footage on the computer scxreen. To view and capture the footage you need to use some software, I use Arcsoft Showbiz, which was bundled with my DVD writer I think, but you can use most editing software to capture from analogue sources, I found Showbiz the easiest and most robust thing to use.

    I'm not sure what the other ports are that you mention, but you can definitely use a Scart to S-video cable like this one to do the job.
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    Many thanks for the reply. Does my TV also have to be S-Video compatible?

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