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Thread: Frames per second isn't changing file size

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    Default Frames per second isn't changing file size

    Is it suppose to? I'm using Xilisoft video converter and i converted a video file from 30fps to 20fps and it didn't change the file size at all.

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    That is normal for most compression codecs I think, that is deffo how it is for wmv - I checked ages ago.

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    oh alright, what converter do you like the best, i know you recommended SuperC but that one leaves a tag like what Format Factory does. For the last couple days I been trying different ones Magic Video Converter (the videos came out darker), AVS video converter, Ojosoft converter, Xilisoft video converter (I think this one might be best), idk theres more i havent tried whats your opinion?

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    Someone asked a similar question a few months ago. I explained it there:

    Hope this helps!

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