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Thread: My opinion - for what it's worth.

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    Default My opinion - for what it's worth.

    First class site and more importantly forum.

    Orginally re-directed here whilst looking for dv and mpeg encoding help from but from what I can see both sites are linked?

    Going to hang about and try to make contributions.

    My next post is going to be sharing my 'nightmare' experience I had creating my first dvd from a digital camcorder (very easy now I know what I'm doing but for the ignorant it was hard work).

    My only suggestion, from being a n00b, is to keep the help pages simple.

    Thanks for the help I picked up from another post in the Hardware Problems section of this forum

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    Welcome to the forums. and share the same webmaster. Me! I've been meaning to write a few more "newbie syleee" guides for (what you may here me refer to as "the site")
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    Hello conkeryperson.

    welcome to our "special place"

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