I need to get hold of agood camera as quickly as possible, and am looking
at spending around 200, maybe 250.

I saw the comments regarding comparison of the 2 Canons, and Ive come to a similar conclusion that there might not be much between them.

I cant decide between the Canon MD235 and the Sony HC62 though.
I cant find much in the way of sample footage on the net. Theres a bit on YouTube, and the Sony footage looks significantly better in quality than the Canon footage - but YouTube obviously isnt the best way to judge.

I'll be using the camera quite a bit in low light situations e.g. at small gigs.
I realise the Canon has an external mic input, but this isnt as important to me. If better audio (recorded with high end mics) become more important, I can record it properly using other equipment and overdub it on the video afterwards...

Does anyone have any comments that might help me?