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Thread: HDV vs HD, then a laptop and software that can cope

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    Question HDV vs HD, then a laptop and software that can cope

    Hi All,

    I'm new to these forums and new to the leap in HD technology since the last time I had anything to do with moving pictures several years ago. But if you can help me I'll buy you a virtual pint in a little virtual pub up the superhighway I know.

    I have a project coming up that will be in both HD and HDV and involve lots of travel and occasionally harsh conditions. A lot of the kit is supplied but I'm also looking at buying the following:

    1. A small solid state HD camera that I can keep on hand and pull out to shoot whenever necessary.
    2. A laptop that I can edit both HD/HDV footage on.

    So for the small camera, I'm looking at things like the JVC HD40 or Panasonic HS100. Is there any benefit to shooting in mpeg-2? Is it easier to edit? What software/hardware works well with it?

    For the laptop: I've read on these forums that dual core will handle HDV and that quad cores HD - although presumably it's Quads for AVHCD and Duals for mpeg? Either way I'd love to hear your experiences of a similar set up. I don't give a monkey's whether it's mac or PC but would be interested to know what software you're using on either platform as Avid is still uber expensive.

    Also if only quad's can handle AVHCD presumably the latest rung of mac pros are out of the equation as they don't have the spec?

    It may be that solid state HD is not a viable option at all and if not I'd be interested to know your alternative HDV set ups for editing on the go.

    Either way, my thanks in advance. Oh, and do let me know if you'd like a pack of virtual scratchings with that wee dram.
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