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Thread: Mandy Moore's Love to Love Me Back (Indian Summer)..

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    Thumbs up Mandy Moore's Love to Love Me Back (Indian Summer)..

    Mandy Moore's Love to Love Me Back (Indian Summer)..
    another video form "i'm alone" video series...

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    OK I can see what you're doing here. This might be good if you had the recording artist as the character in the video, but you're a up & coming video producer and you therefore need to practice using an actress/friend, right? Good for you! (And lucky for you to have such a good looking person available who can do moody poses)


    if you're trying to break into doing music videos you be far better off creating original videos for acts that are trying to break.

    For a start you'll be working together with a common(ish) aim. You'll be producig something original and you won;t have copyright problems.

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