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Thread: Sony HDR-CX105 OR Sanyo VPC FH1

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    Default Sony HDR-CX105 OR Sanyo VPC FH1

    Sony HDR-CX105 OR Sanyo VPC FH1

    OK Folks,
    I have a number of video cameras but looking for a cheap High def to replace just one of my cameras. I already have a three Canons inc an XM2 but now want to try Full HD,
    Can anyone give the pros and cons to the above header choice as Im on a tight budget..


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    You will, at first, be impressed by the extra definition offered by the Sanyo et al, but these cameras aren't really to be compared to an XM2. The equivalent higher definition to the XM2 would be an Sony HVR-A1E for example.

    How I'm no video snob and would say that a whole range of 300-500 cameras compete favourably with older generation formats. These newer formats take advantage of improvements in technology and consumer preferences. However, the level of optics and ease of editing don't compare.

    If you're prepared to compromise (that is, understand that the given quality for a given resolution will be lower - if you want the HD equivalent of an XM2, you need to up your price range) then yes, these types of cameras will make the most of higher definitions. However, I would suggest you read reviews of cameras on et al to get the best of the current crop.

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    I agree - Dont be a pixel whore!

    Stickers dont actually have much effect on camera performance.

    Absoloute resoloution is likely to be silmilar but you may notice less of a problem with DV irritations such as staircasing, mosquitooes and moire patterns.

    After having played with a few cameras recently I think you need to spend 1000 minimum to fill all those tiny pixels with a decent picture.

    I was startled by how much better an ex4 at 4500 looks compared to a Z1 at 2500 ish. It really is a joke to call cheap cameras high definition and imho misleading. And you tube HD? - oh please.

    Modern comsumer grade cameras all look kinda disney to me too. Oversaturated colours like Shrek or something - lols.

    People seem to mistake stupid colours for good. Like with tellys in Dixons.
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