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Thread: from capture clips to Edit mode?

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    Default from capture clips to Edit mode?

    Hello, new to Sony Video Vegas, just capture some clips on DV and I am looking at the clip explorer under the capture tab and it has all the clips that I have captured but the problem is how do I get the clips to a edit mode????

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    We can Capture footage either from WITHIN Vegas or EXTERNALLY to Vegas. By the sound of what you are saying you have EITHER captured externally to Vegas, without Vegas being open OR you have not checked the auto add to Project Media List option. 99% of the time I capture from within Vegas with this PML box checked.

    OK, make sure you have a Vegas Project open and from within Sony Video Capture . .


    i] right click on clip/s and ADD to Project Media list,


    ii] sort the clips into Media Bins within VidCap and right click on that Bin and ADD Bin to Project Media List (this will get them into your project)


    iii] Do what I do and Capture from within Vegas!

    If you DID originally capture from within Vegas and they DID NOT add automatically then you need to ensure in the "Capture Complete" menu that the, "Add captured clips to Project Media List" is checked, otherwise they will not be automatically added to your Vegas Project.

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    Thanks, Grazie will do your suggestions, glad that someone knows what the heck they are doing.

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