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Thread: Rural (my last short movie)

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    Default Rural (my last short movie)

    hello, i you presents my last short movie.

    Rural : After long hours of road, a vrp taken of tiredness, decides to stop one moment.

    the links :
    dailymotion :
    or you tube :

    thanks for your comments
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    well I liked it a lot. technically it looked very good to me. Liked the colour desaturated look and the camera work. sound was good too. Great little story too.

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    I liked it a lot aswell, it looked very good. A few unsteady camera moves and jump cuts but overall well made. Reminds me of the film Hostel, just watched it last night so still fresh in memory, good use of plot devices such as the gun shots to advance the plot and having the white car following him at the end. I see Daily Motion now has HQ aswell, but nobody uses it, I would concentrate on getting it promoted on Youtube.

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    What really stood out for me was the superb sound - both content and quality. Although it appeared that the left & right channels were transposed.

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    a new version wiht mixage and photography

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    I thought it was very good, short films with little dialogue don't often keep my attention throughout but I managed quite well with this one.

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